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Providing you with safe, affordable, and abundant water.

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customers in the Greater Des Moines area receive their drinking water from the Des Moines Water Works.

 We're planning for the future 

We are THINKING DOWNSTREAM and developing our 2021 Strategic Plan to help drive smart decision-making about how we deliver water to you. By sharing your input on what matters most to you regarding our water resources, we’ll be able to make better decisions that reflect our community’s values.

Over the next three months, we will reach out with opportunities for you to participate in the strategic planning effort. Tell us how to connect with you.


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What is the Strategic Plan?

DMWW’s 2021 Strategic Planning effort will serve as the utility's roadmap and will be used to prioritize initiatives, resources, goals, and utility operations and projects.

Having a strong strategic plan will help DMWW plan and make decisions that will positively impact the entire community.



Des Moines Water Works

Water plays a key role in your health and safety. Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) plays a key role in providing you with a safe, clean and reliable water supply.

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