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customers in the Greater Des Moines area receive their drinking water from the Des Moines Water Works.


As a regional water utility, Des Moines Water Works responsibly invests in maintenance and upgrades to critical infrastructure that supports or supplies water to the residents of Des Moines and surrounding communities. The job of Des Moines Water Works is even more important in providing the “Liquid Asset” that Central Iowa needs to survive and thrive as source water degradation continues to occur.

Think Downstream is more than just a tagline for Des Moines Water Works. It encompasses everything we do, from our job as leaders to treat source water and provide safe, abundant drinking water to 600,000 central Iowans to our role as advocates for the protection of our vital natural resource to our responsibility to educate the public on the challenges that threaten our public waterways.

At Des Moines Water Works, we are always thinking ahead, not just to provide clean, affordable drinking water for our customers of today, but to improve the quality of water and life for those farther downstream from us and future generations, so we remain WATER YOU CAN TRUST FOR LIFE. 


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